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Questions for the Media

How many soldiers have died in the Middle East since Obama took office? How does that number compare to the previous four years?

How many resignation letters have been sent out by USA embassy employees over the past month? How does that number compare to the previous month?

Now that Romney has revealed his tax returns, doesn’t anyone think Obama is a little hypocritical in thinking Romney should give even more when in two years Romney paid more taxes than Obama has in his entire life? Have any of them paid more than Romney in taxes?

Since Obama has finally admitted that the Libyan Embassy attack was most likely the terrorist activity that the Libyan government warned him about 3 days ahead of time, should he be charged in complicity with the terrorists for failing to protect Americans there?

Where are all those inquisitive reporters digging up the real stories???


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Will Hollywood Put Their Wallets Back in Their Pockets?

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is escorted from his home by LA police officers.
Photograph: Bret Hartman/Reuters

According to online reports 9/15/2012 http://thelevantpost.com/politics/maker-of-anti-islam-movie-in-police-custody-8977 “Just after midnight Saturday morning – his face and head covered – a man identified as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was taken from his home in Cerritos, Calif., by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies for what law enforcement officials described as a “voluntary interview.”

Will this affect the general support of the Hollywood elite for the President’s re-election campaign? Maybe they are ok with the fact that our government justifies hauling movie makers off in the middle of the night…

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If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito’. African Proverb

ImageThe above inspiring African proverb is to be credited for this post.

It is difficult in an age where election fraud seems to be the norm and politicians look like ‘slicksters’ to really feel like our opinion will matter and our vote count at the polls.

As this election for the next President of the United States of America approaches, it seems like many of us are of the same mind. Our nation is at a crossroads and the choices are mediocre at best and frightening at worst. Current senators and representatives of both parties deserve to be rounded up and publically tarred and feathered for accepting a paycheck from us without fulfilling the basic role of their office in providing a national budget. They have helped to create a situation where the greatest nation on earth is near the brink of bankruptcy and the laughing stock of the world. But since tar-and-feathering isn’t likely to happen, our next best hope is change in the White House.

While Mitt Romney seems to have some political challenges to overcome, what he doesn’t have is the kind of baggage that inspires anger, distrust, and rage. Most recently Romney’s criticism of the President’s  inability to handle the crisis in Libya made some news. Wouldn’t one think that our administration’s INABILITY TO HANDLE THE CRISIS IN LIBYA would be the real news?

 ImageAmbassador Stevens being dragged through the streets of Benghazi, Libya 9/11/2012

Photo via AFP/Getty Images

Isn’t it shocking that our current president has largely ignored the fact that our Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, along with three other heroic Americans, was tortured, raped, and murdered last week in the streets of Benghazi, in what representatives of the Libyan government have publically stated (from the very beginning of the crisis), was a planned, staged, terrorist attack (on the anniversary of 9/11) which Libyan officials warned our country about three days ahead of time?

All while our administration was shouting over the airwaves that this was a spontaneous protest of a YouTube video (posted online in July) which purportedly offended some Muslim extremists. What was our current administration’s actual response to the crisis?

Our administration’s response was to decry free speech rights and take a low-budget movie maker into custody while heading to Las Vegas for a fundraising campaign tour. Then to add insult to injury our Secretary of State has dinner celebrating an Islamic holy day with the Libyan President four days later. WHAT? Are you kidding me? Yes, my friends, we are certainly in need of change in the White House.

Obviously, this administration does not have Americans and American interests in mind.

And where is the mainstream media in all of this?  It was largely quiet on the situation-except to focus on a Californian movie maker, who no one except our administration thought had anything to do with the situation. Mob crowds in Egypt and many other Middle East countries were reported to be chanting, “Obama, Obama there are still a billion Osamas,” as they swarmed our embassies, in reference to slain Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, mastermind of the 9/11 attacks in America in 2001.

Remember that the reported ‘spontaneous YouTube movie protest’ happened on September 11th and that the Libyan government says that they warned our administration about the impending situation three days ahead of time! Of course our Commander-in-Chief is reportedly too busy appearing on a variety of talk and comedy shows and appearing at re-election fundraisers to actually ATTEND security briefings…


Egyptian protesters tear down the US flag at the US embassy in Cairo (AFP/Getty Images)

In the face of world-wide criticism of how the current administration handled the situation finally, one week later, the White House has issued official statements admitting that it probably wasn’t the movie maker’s fault and was most likely a pre-planned terrorist attack. Will there be a public apology to the American people for the lies told up to cover an embarrassing political situation, and to the movie maker for the harm they have caused him? What about a public apology to Ambassador Stevens’ and the other assassinated embassy workers families for not taking adequate action to protect our public servants from known threats? Time will tell…

It’s a great thing for truth in reporting that the internet makes it possible for us to read the news from all over the world and we are no longer limited to being spoon fed the likes of what CNN, MSNBC, ABC or CBS dish out. Their days are numbered but since all those reporters are already comfortable with being the party-line collaborators with the Democratic National Committee, perhaps they can all get jobs there toeing the party line.

Will the way Ambassador Stevens and our embassy workers were protected and avenged (not) give them pause into how their party will value their services in the moment of an inconvenient crisis? Maybe, but perhaps they are all willing to be martyred for the cause.

Is our president’s weak and ineffective foreign policy reason enough to vote him out of office this November? You betcha. But when you add the domestic issues of driving our nation into near bankruptcy, sky rocketing gas prices, his radical views abortion, 42,000,000 (that is 42 MILLION) people are on the food-stamp roles reflecting a 40% increase in the last four years, and the fact that he created an executive order to seal all of his public records (what is this man trying to hide???), it’s clear that he is incapable of leading and protecting the people and interests of our nation. Out with the old and in with the new! Go Romney!

The odds may be stacked against us but perhaps together if we all cast our vote at the polls we can still make a difference. Go ahead…you can be a mosquito too.


US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on the campaign trail 2012

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