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Czardas Dancers

Coppelia 2013 posterCzardas Dancers

My daughter and her friends doing what they love!

It is a joy to observe young people dedicated to something that they love. Be it a cause, a sport, an art, a conviction… whatever. To see them reach out and invest their time, energy and resources to something larger than themselves gives one hope for future generations. So, as parents, we do what we can to support their dreams.

Currently, my 12 year old, loves to dance! She has been taking dance classes since she was 3 years old and my father-in-law has often joked that someone should really teach her how to walk. She turns, leaps, skips and simply dances wherever she goes. Why walk when you can have so much more fun along the way?

Anyway, her studio, Ballet Society of Colorado Springs, and the youth company that she is part of, Colorado Youth Ballet, are preparing to present the classic comic ballet, Coppelia in just a couple of weeks.

Like other performances from these groups, this will be a fantastically entertaining production. See article here. It is amazing to see how much dedicated time and effort the dancers are putting in to their art to make sure this will be a lovely performance.

And just as dedicated are the parents. Mothers and fathers have been creating costumes and sets, fine tuning props and planning for the move of it all from the studio to the theatre and back again. No small task, I assure you. But two weeks out from the performance at the first full run-through, you can see the joy on everyone’s faces as they begin to see how their performance is coming all together!


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