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2016 Natatia Sleeping Beauty rehearsal with Christopher and PR pics with Jewel Fairies 223adjusted

Sleeping Beauty principle cast: L-R Anastasha Williams (Gold Fairy), Kira Walton (Princess Florine), Josie Hawkins (Sapphire Fairy), Christopher Moulton Guest Artist of Colorado Ballet appearing as (Prince Désiré), Natatia Warzabluk (Princess Aurora), SarahRose Lorrig (Topaz Fairy), Brianna Kline (Lilac Fairy), and Julia Goodrich (Diamond Fairy) Photo courtesy of Ballet Society

Award Winning dancers of Ballet Society of Colorado Springs and the Colorado Youth Ballet, will be featured in leading roles of the upcoming production of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at 3:00PM on April 16, 2016 at Mitchell HS theater.

2016 Natatia Sleeping Beauty rehearsal with Christopher and PR pics with Jewel Fairies 198

Christopher Moulton (Prince Désiré) guest artist of Colorado Ballet and Natatia Warzabluk (Aurora) Photo courtesy of Ballet Society

Sixteen-year-old, Natatia Warzabluk, is cast as Aurora in this classic telling of the timeless tale of the enchanted princess who is awakened from a sleeping spell by true love’s kiss.

“Natatia has been featured in many lead roles over the years in local productions,” says Ballet Society and Colorado Youth Ballet founder and director, Patricia Hoffman. “We are thrilled that her hard work and dedication is paying off, not only as the star of this show, but also by way of top awards and company offers she is receiving this spring.”

Natatia is a multiple time award winner in both Denver Ballet Guild and Colorado Springs Dance Theatre’s scholarship competitions. She has been a student at Ballet Society and a Youth Ballet company member for the past seven years. Partnering her as Prince Désiré, is Christopher Moulton, of Colorado Ballet.

When asked what she attributes her success to, Natatia responds, “The training I have received and my natural self-discipline. At Ballet Society my motivation has increased and I am much more knowledgeable about the professional dance world than I feel I would be if I attended another studio,” she explains. “Especially Ms. Patty’s understanding and passion for each dancer. Although she teaches us to take our art seriously, the joy of dancing is also experienced and promoted.”

Natatia has already been offered a studio company contract with Colorado Ballet in Denver and a trainee position with Oklahoma City Ballet, which she performed with in 2014 as the lead Angel in the Colorado Springs Philharmonic Nutcracker. Earlier this month, Natatia was awarded the 2nd place in Senior Division and a $1,500 cash award from the 2016 Denver Ballet Guild’s Young Dancer’s Competition. She also received the 2nd place and $250 cash award from the 2015 Colorado Springs Dance Theatre’s Jazz Competition. Next year she will be attending either John Cranko school in Stuttgart, Germany, or Princess Grace Academy in Monte Carlo, Monaco. She has also been pre-selected to audition at companies including: International Ballet of Munich; Hamburg Ballet School; Palooka University in Dresden, Germany; Ballet Dortmund Jr. Company; and the Ecole Supe’rieure de Danse de Cannes.

“It is literally unbelievable,” says Natatia when asked how she feels about being offered contracts to professional companies at the age of sixteen. “It still always shocks me when I get an offer. I can barely believe it is true.”

Kira Walton PR pic 2016

Kira Walton Photo by: Ted Mehl of A Better Image Photography

Another rising star of the Youth Ballet is seventeen-year-old, Kira Walton, who will be featured as Princess Florine, and will be partnering with Ballet Society graduate, Colton West, who is appearing as The Blue Bird. West is currently under contract with Ballet Idaho and is a recurring guest artist in Ballet Society and Youth Ballet productions.

Kira starred in the 2015 production of La Sylphide, and also has a long history of lead roles and scholarship competition awards.

Although her hands literally touched a ballet barre for the first time at age 12, Kira is currently in the UK auditioning for post-secondary programs at the professional schools of Royal Birmingham Ballet and English National Ballet in London; and Northern Ballet in Leeds.

In January, Kira had surgery on her foot and after only three weeks of returning to dance, she participated in the 2016 Denver Ballet Guild’s Young Dancers Competition and earned a 4th place award and an $800 scholarship in the senior category. She was also one of the special award recipients and was given a full scholarship to the Goh Ballet Academy and Youth Company Canada in Vancouver, for the summer. In 2015 she was awarded 1st place at the Colorado Springs Dance Theatre scholarship competition and a $500 cash prize.


Colton West and Josie Hawkins Photo courtesy of Ballet Society

Fourteen-year-old, Josie Hawkins, will be featured as the Sapphire Fairy. Josie won a 6th-10th place finalist award at the 2016 Denver Ballet Guild’s competition and tied for 2nd place at the CSDT’s competition in 2015. She has enjoyed being featured in several ballet productions including the role of Clara in The Nutcracker at the Pikes Peak Center this past December.

“We are really blessed to have so many talented students at Ballet Society,” says Hoffman. “We are especially thrilled for those whose dance dreams are becoming a reality. However, our production will have eighty student performers and four guest artists. Students have been rehearsing for months and making sure their roles will be executed to perfection. That is what it takes to make the magic happen on stage; a team effort by well-trained young artists, working together to bring the story to life. I know this will be a great show because these dancers inspire me every day.”

2016 Natatia Sleeping Beauty rehearsal with Christopher and PR pics with Jewel Fairies 332

L-R: Anastatia Williams, Josie Hawkins, Brianna Kline, Christopher Moulton, Natatia Warzabluk, Kira Walton, SarahRose Lorrig, and Julia Goodrich

2016 Natatia Sleeping Beauty rehearsal with Christopher and PR pics with Jewel Fairies 139

Natatia Warzabluk as ‘Aurora’ The Sleeping Beauty

2016 Natatia Sleeping Beauty rehearsal with Christopher and PR pics with Jewel Fairies 469

L-R: Anastatia Williams, Josie Hawkins, Brianna Kline, Natatia Warzabluk, SarahRose Lorrig, Kira Walton, and Julia Goodrich


Sleeping Beauty 2016 poster

General information Ballet Society of Colorado Springs and the Youth Ballet available online at: coloradoyouthballet.com  danceinthesprings.com

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Who: Colorado Youth Ballet and Ballet Society of Colorado Springs Pre Professional division dancers

What: Sleeping Beauty – Enjoy this classic story ballet with award winning dancers of Colorado Youth Ballet and Ballet Society’s Pre Professional level dancers. Fully staged and costumed and set to Tchaikovsky’s beloved score. The whole family will delight in this version featuring: Aurora, the Prince, Carabosse, Lilac and other Fairies, Puss-n-Boots, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, with a cast eighty-four!

Where: Mitchell High School Theater 1205 Potter Drive; C/S
When: 3:00pm; April 16th
Tickets: $15 Adults; $11 Children (12 & under) and Seniors. Pay with cc over the phone by calling: 719.272.7078; purchase at Ballet Society’s Front Desk; at the theater on show day; or order tickets online: https://on.spingo.com/e/sleeping_beauty


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So much in our world is changing so quickly! But one of the timeless joys we experience regularly is the realization that while technologically life is rapidly evolving into an entity yet unrealized, much in our world remains the same.

A few strokes of the keyboard can send a message into the vast realm of cyberspace where folks on the far reaches of the planet can stumble across these words and get a glimpse into my world as it is today. Yet so much of this small spot on the planet remains the same as it was a hundred years ago or more. We can stroll down the dirt road a short way to the old log stagecoach stop of those pioneering wild west days. While the stage stop has been beautifully preserved and updated into a delightful home for my neighbor, local legend describes a time before the white man came when Native Americans gathered nearby for ceremonial purposes.

Today we live right here in the midst of all that history and enjoy basically the same things people of those bygone eras experienced: beautiful trees that protect us from a blazing sun, wildflowers which bloom each summer, wildlife including rabbits, foxes, deer and the occasional bear who all live here or meander through this bountiful forest. The soothing sounds of gentle breezes making their way through the treetops seeming to whisper secrets of our mysterious world, elusive yet delightful.

This is where I am today and via the mystery of the internet, combined with whatever that compelling force is that makes bloggers post their thoughts for everyone to read, Welcome to my world…

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