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So much in our world is changing so quickly! But one of the timeless joys we experience regularly is the realization that while technologically life is rapidly evolving into an entity yet unrealized, much in our world remains the same.

A few strokes of the keyboard can send a message into the vast realm of cyberspace where folks on the far reaches of the planet can stumble across these words and get a glimpse into my world as it is today. Yet so much of this small spot on the planet remains the same as it was a hundred years ago or more. We can stroll down the dirt road a short way to the old log stagecoach stop of those pioneering wild west days. While the stage stop has been beautifully preserved and updated into a delightful home for my neighbor, local legend describes a time before the white man came when Native Americans gathered nearby for ceremonial purposes.

Today we live right here in the midst of all that history and enjoy basically the same things people of those bygone eras experienced: beautiful trees that protect us from a blazing sun, wildflowers which bloom each summer, wildlife including rabbits, foxes, deer and the occasional bear who all live here or meander through this bountiful forest. The soothing sounds of gentle breezes making their way through the treetops seeming to whisper secrets of our mysterious world, elusive yet delightful.

This is where I am today and via the mystery of the internet, combined with whatever that compelling force is that makes bloggers post their thoughts for everyone to read, Welcome to my world…


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